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"Momma Nikki's voice pulls her listeners into an environment where the only thing that exists is the next beat that 's going to drop or the next turn her melody is going to take. Her voice is comfort, where even the next lyric you do not yet know feels familiar."

                                                             - Mira Kraft; MKPR


Momma Nikki is a Haitian-Queer artist that sings, spits, or a combination of the two. She's a vocalist & MC in her band, Holy Pistola. As well as helped create a monthly poetry slam & artist showcase to help make a safe space for POC & QTPOC, called RingSide. She has an EP out titled: Dead-icated To: Side A. And just released a new EP titled: Momma Nikki Exposed: the other side of nikki. She is known for her harmonies and this new raw EP exposes her heart to all, especially those who have lost someone.

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