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The Story behind the New EP

Momma Exposed: the other side of nikki

The day before my dad called to tell me he was going to stop dialysis, I was in the studio working on a new album to release. I had written these songs years ago and wanted to just get them down. When I got the news, I asked to get copies of all the songs asap because I knew he only had days to a week to live. My producer was gracious enough to accommodate and my dad didn't just get to hear them, but he listened to one in particular almost every night before he passed. He also, against my wishes, was playing it for people when they came to see him. I know my father supported me, but I've never seen him so proud of me. 

So this EP is for him. I sang to him to him before he passed and at his funeral. And now I will sing for him every time I play these songs. "Welcome Home" pop. I love you. 

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